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Solving Problems in Our Communities

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Solutions Driven Through Collaboration

Solving Problems

Our value proposition centres on addressing the important needs of remote Aboriginal communities by enhancing client responsiveness in providing community housing, maintenance, municipal services, and administrative support. Emphasising communities and clients as a key pillar, our approach integrates technology and cultural sensitivity to streamline service delivery. We provide the capacity and flexibility to respond to client needs at a very short notice, this includes smaller homelands to larger communities though a suite of service provision.‌

To assist with our community housing solutions, we propose a comprehensive system that leverages the nine healthy living practices to identify community needs proactively. This allows for efficient resource allocation, ensuring that existing housing is maintained in our homelands. Our methodology also facilitates transparent communication channels between government agencies and community members, fostering collaboration in decision-making processes related to service initiatives.

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Crucially, our emphasis on community engagement ensures that solutions are culturally sensitive and co-created with the communities themselves through the development of service delivery plans. By fostering collaboration, incorporating local knowledge, and utilising technology for efficient service delivery, our solution aims to empower remote Aboriginal communities and bridge the gap between their needs and responsiveness.

Robinson River Community

Case Study

Aboriginal Enterprises Australia (AEA) NT were contacted by our client to provide a whole of community solution at very short notice due to the incumbent provider in this community being placed into administration. Our response included the relocation of staff from Katherine, employment of three local Aboriginal employees and the procurement of significant assets such as rubbish removal equipment, backhoe, septic pump out trailer, zero turn mowers and three vehicles. This response was completed within two weeks which enabled essential services in this community to be continued and solved a significant high profile problem for our client. AEA NT continues to provide these services to this day and have instigated a transition out of services with the local Aboriginal owned enterprise in Robinson River.

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